Australian Cattledog Kohon Foxy Girl

Hey, I am Kohon Foxy Girl and my breed is Australian cattledog. I was born in Febuary 23rd 2006 at Ruokolahti to kennel Kohon. I have few owners, which most are here in my home town, Imatra (where I moved as a puppy). I’m staying with my latest owner, Minna, who adopted me in September 2013 because my primary owner, Aarne, had to move to Helsinki for a new job. It’s okay, Minna has been with me since I was a puppy, so I have adjusted into this situation just fine.

Minna also writes about me in this blog. Now that she has also moved into a new apartment, we have more living space, and I also have couple more friends living with me… these friends are Spede and Uuno, and they are cats. I had to be separated from my previous cat friend, Kiksu, because she couldn’t come to live with us. My new friends wouldn’t have come along with each other. So, I go and visit Kiksu couple times a week. She lives with Minna’s parents who are pensioners. Kiksu likes them a lot. I sometimes go there with Minna and I’m allowed to run around their backyard which I like a lot.

Minna also takes lots of pictures and you can go and visit her picture gallery where pictures about me are shown.

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